What is Corian©?

Shaped according to your design and individual dimensions, Corian© is a solid surface material created through a unique blend of minerals and acrylic to ensure a stone-hard enamel which will last a lifetime.

Colours and patterns run all the way through, won’t wear off, and cannot delaminate.

Its non-porous surface prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material. Marks and stains can easily be removed – even impressions left by boiling hot pans are only superficial and can be quickly removed.

Its smooth surface does not allow liquids to penetrate and that makes it easy to clean. Bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root.

Its longevity, renewability, durability also make Corian© environmentally friendly.

Workshop on site

  • Hand-fabricated
  • Made to measure
  • Matching sinks (to appear as one piece)
  • Customisations: rebated lights, bended worktop, shelves, breadboards, matt finish up to a glass finish, customised edges (smooth, rounded, without Harris), drainage grooves… all made to customer’s specification!




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