Solid Wood

Looking for that classic look? Choose a solid wood worktop.

Choose from:

  • Solid oak
  • Solid beech
  • Solid walnut
  • Solid Iroko
  • Bamboo
  • Character Oak


A traditional material, solid wood worktops remain extremely popular in contemporary kitchens and can offer you a rustic, cottage feel, a modern, smart design, or a cozy, classic charm.

Depending on the type of species, your worktop will have a unique grain and depth to it; choose from different sizes and thicknesses, the lightness of the wood, width, and hardness.

In no small part to the way they age, solid wood worktops get better with use and wear, enhancing your kitchen space with warm, natural tones and a fantastic character. If you look after your worktop, wood is also an incredibly long lasting material. Physically strong, it will stand the test of time.





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